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v  Gynecological Laparoscopy

v  Hysterectomy

v  Resectoscopy

v  Trocars and accessories

v  Total vaginal hysterectomy

v  Fetal Monitors and Doppler’s

v  Uterus manipulator

v  Laparoscopic hysterectomy

v  Urodynamic Unit

v  Modular needle holders

v   Laparoscopic Supracervical hysterectomy

v  Disposables and consumables

v  Morcellator

v  Total abdominal hysterectomy

v  Gynecological Examination and
Procedure Chair

v  Telescopes/Surgical laparoscopes

v  Modular forceps and scissors system

v  Aminoscopes, Vaginoscopes and 
capillaries for Micro Blood  

v  Instruments for monopolar and bipolar coagulation/HF electrodes


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